• Screw cap bag juice beverage production process
    Screw cap bag juice beverage production process Jun 06, 2024
    The screw-on capping juice beverage production line refers to a packaging form that uses a rotary cap to seal, usually used to load juice and other beverages. Step 1 First, you need to prepare the raw material formula of the juice or flavored beverage. Step 2 According to the product formula, mix the prepared raw materials in a certain proportion to ensure the consistency of taste and quality. Step 3 After the mixed juice is evenly stirred, it is sterilized to ensure the safety and long-term preservation of the product. Step 4 Fill the prepared juice into the screw-on capping bag through the screw-on capping filling machine, and then tighten the cap through the screw-on capping device on the screw-on capping machine to maintain the sealing. Step 5 Perform quality inspection on the packaged juice beverage to ensure that the quality of the product meets the standard requirements. Because the bag is printed in advance, it can be packed into boxes after filling. In addition, the machine has a printing date function, and the date of inspection is completed after packaging. The above is the general production process of screw-on capping juice beverages. In actual production, it will be adjusted and optimized according to specific equipment and process requirements.
  • Advantages and application range of built-in straw standing packaging bags
    Advantages and application range of built-in straw standing packaging bags May 22, 2024
    A beverage stand-up bag with a built-in straw is a beverage packaging bag with a built-in straw. It is usually made of plastic material and has standing properties to facilitate consumers to drink directly through the straw. The packaging bag is designed with a self-standing structure and can stand stably on a flat surface, making it convenient for consumers to place and use. There is a straw inside the bag, so consumers can easily open the bag and drink directly from the straw, which is convenient and fast. The packaging bag adopts a sealing design, which effectively prevents beverage leakage and oxygen entry, maintaining the fresh taste and quality of the beverage. Compared with traditional beverage bottles or canned drinks, built-in straws are lightweight and small, making them easy to carry and store. Packaging bags are usually made of transparent or translucent materials. The color and status of the drink can be directly observed through the appearance of the packaging bag, which increases the attractiveness of the product. Juice packaging bags with built-in straws are suitable for all types of beverages, such as juice, tea drinks, milk, etc., and are commonly found in convenience stores, supermarkets and other sales places. It has the characteristics of convenience, hygiene, environmental protection, etc., and is loved by consumers. This built-in straw pouch is our patented product. There is no second company in China that can produce this kind of bag with a built-in straw. These bags are cheaper than capping bags and are very convenient. The matching filling machine used is also very cheap. The style of the bags is also very novel and easy to attract customers to buy and consume. It is very suitable for beverage factories to increase production lines and expand markets.
  • Plastic bag French fries packaging machine application structure and packaging form
    Plastic bag French fries packaging machine application structure and packaging form Apr 19, 2024
    The bagged potato chip packaging machine is a special equipment used to package potato chips or French fries into bags. It is designed to handle the filling, sealing and labeling processes of potato chips efficiently and automatically. The granule packaging machine can package continuously at high speed, ensuring high productivity and efficient operation. The rolls of film can be formed into bags and accurately filled with potato chips. The machine can control the filling volume to ensure consistent and accurate portion sizes, and has a sealing mechanism that can securely seal the bag to maintain product freshness and prevent air and moisture from entering. It can handle a variety of bag sizes and configurations, allowing flexibility in packaging options and meeting different product requirements.Designed for user-friendly operation and maintenance, the machine features intuitive controls that make cleaning and maintenance tasks easy to perform. When choosing a plastic bag potato chip packaging machine, it is important to consider factors such as production capacity, packaging requirements, machine reliability, and after-sales support. It is recommended to consult the equipment supplier to understand the specific functions and specifications of the machine to best suit your needs.
  • Purpose and production process of plastic bottled pure water production line
    Purpose and production process of plastic bottled pure water production line Mar 29, 2024
    The plastic bottled water production line is an equipment system used to automatically produce and package plastic bottled water. The production line consists of multiple equipment, including water treatment equipment, filling and sealing equipment, and labeling equipment. Water treatment equipment is used to treat and purify raw water, including filtration, impurity removal, disinfection and other steps to ensure that the water quality meets hygienic standards. Filling and capping packaging machines are used to fill and seal treated and purified water into plastic bottles. These equipment can realize automatic or semi-automatic filling operations according to needs, ensuring the accurate filling volume of each bottle of water and ensuring the sealing and long shelf life of the product. Sealing is usually done by spiral sealing or gland sealing. The labeling machine is used to affix product labels, expiration dates and other information to increase product identification and publicity effects. The specific configuration and process flow of the plastic bottled water production line will vary according to the production scale and requirements, and can be customized and adjusted according to actual needs.
  • bagged yogurt production line
    bagged yogurt production line Jan 30, 2024
    The bagged yogurt production line is a special equipment used to produce bagged yogurt products. It usually includes the following main components: raw water tank, reverse osmosis equipment, pure water tank, CIP cleaning system, high temperature shear tank, high temperature mixing tank, homogenizer, UHT instant sterilization equipment, fermentation tank, liquid filling and sealing machine, fermentation room and constant temperature cold storage. The batching and mixing system is used to mix milk and other raw materials in a proportion determined by the formula to ensure the uniformity and stability of the yogurt product. The fermentation tank is a device used for yogurt fermentation. It is usually made of stainless steel and has constant temperature control and stirring functions to provide a suitable fermentation environment. The liquid filling and sealing machine uses polyethylene plastic film or two layers. The three layers are used as packaging materials, and the filling machine can automatically complete filling, sealing and other operations. The fermentation room and constant temperature cold storage room are used for fermentation and cold storage of filled yogurt. When choosing a bagged yogurt production line, you need to consider factors such as the production line's production capacity, degree of automation, stability, and hygiene standards. At the same time, the maintenance and repair costs of the equipment and after-sales service support must also be considered. It is best to fully communicate with the supplier to understand the technical parameters and performance of the equipment, and select a suitable bagged yogurt production line according to production needs. Specific device features and specifications may vary by manufacturer and application.  
  • Flow chart of juice production in bags
    Flow chart of juice production in bags Jan 15, 2024
    The bagged juice production line is a special equipment used to produce, fill and seal bagged juice products. This production line can achieve large-scale, high-efficiency production processes to ensure product quality and flavor. The main components of the bagged formula juice production line include the following links: 1. Cleaning and treatment: Use hot water to clean pipes and tank equipment before production to ensure hygiene and safety during production. 2. Ingredients and Seasoning: Mix and season the ingredients in the recipe to achieve the desired texture and flavor. 3. Filling and sealing: The prepared juice is sterilized by high temperature through UHT instant sterilization equipment, and then enters the liquid filling and sealing machine for filling and sealing processing. 4. Testing and packaging: Carry out quality testing on the filled juice packaging bags, such as weight testing, leakage testing, etc., to ensure the qualification of the product, and then package the product, such as boxing or packaging into a certain number of bags of juice. Group. The specific configuration and production capacity of the bagged juice production line can be customized according to production needs, including the selection of equipment of different specifications, the degree of automation, and the adjustment of the length of the production line. When selecting production line equipment, you need to consider the packaging specifications, production capacity requirements, and equipment of the product. Reliability, hygiene standards and other factors, and conduct detailed communication and understanding with suppliers to select a production line configuration that suits the needs.
  • Sauce package filling and sealing machine solution
    Sauce package filling and sealing machine solution Nov 24, 2023
    Sauce packaging machine is a special equipment used for automatic packaging of sauces or liquid condiments. It is efficient, precise and hygienic, which can improve packaging efficiency and ensure product quality and hygienic standards. The sauce package filling and sealing machine can automatically complete the measuring, filling, sealing and labeling operations of sauces, reducing manual operations and improving production efficiency. Through the advanced metering system, the sauce packaging machine can accurately control the weight or volume of each package of sauce, ensuring product consistency and accuracy. This machine is suitable for various packaging forms, such as bottles, bags, cans, etc. The appropriate packaging form can be selected according to the characteristics of the product and market demand. For sauces that require high-temperature processing, this machine requires supporting equipment UHT instant sterilization equipment to ensure the safety and long-term preservation of the product. The design of the sauce packaging machine takes into account food hygiene requirements, using stainless steel materials and easy-to-clean structures to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, ensuring product hygiene and safety. Sauce packaging machines can usually be adjusted and set up according to different packaging needs, and parameters such as packaging speed, packaging capacity and packaging form can be adjusted. When choosing a sauce filling machine, you need to consider factors such as product packaging needs, production scale, quality standards, and budget. It is best to communicate and understand in detail with our company to choose equipment that suits your needs. Specific features and specifications of equipment may vary by manufacturer and application area.
  • Clean-in-Place Cleaning System solutions
    Clean-in-Place Cleaning System solutions Nov 17, 2023
    Clean-in-Place Cleaning System is an automated cleaning equipment that is widely used in the cleaning process of equipment and pipelines in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Key features of CIP cleaning systems include: 1. Automated cleaning: The CIP cleaning equipment can automatically perform the cleaning process without manually disassembling equipment or pipelines. The equipment realizes automated cleaning, flushing and disinfection operations through preset pipelines, reducing the need for manual operations. 2. Circular cleaning: The CIP cleaning equipment cleans through the cleaning fluid in the circulating pipeline. The cleaning fluid is transported to the inside of the equipment to be cleaned through a water pump and circulates to completely remove dirt and residual substances. 3. Multi-stage cleaning: CIP systems usually include multiple cleaning stages, such as pre-cleaning, blockage removal, alkaline cleaning, acid cleaning, flushing, etc. Each stage has different cleaning fluids and temperatures to achieve thorough cleaning and disinfection. 4. Temperature and concentration control: The CIP cleaning system can control the temperature and concentration of the cleaning fluid and adjust it according to different cleaning requirements to ensure that the cleaning effect and disinfection effect are up to standard. 5. High efficiency and energy saving: CIP cleaning system has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. It can reduce the consumption of cleaning fluid and water, while improving cleaning efficiency and reducing cleaning time by optimizing cleaning procedures and control parameters. The use of CIP cleaning systems can significantly improve the hygiene level of equipment and pipelines, ensuring product quality and safety. When selecting a CIP cleaning system, you need to consider the capacity of the equipment, the functions of the control system, the cleaning effect, and the ability to adapt to various pipelines and equipment. You should also consider factors such as system reliability, ease of operation, and maintenance costs. It is best to communicate and understand in detail with our company and choose a CIP cleaning system that suits your needs.
  • Special-shaped bagged juice filling and sealing machine process flow
    Special-shaped bagged juice filling and sealing machine process flow Nov 07, 2023
    The bagged juice filling and sealing machine is a special equipment used for filling and sealing special-shaped bagged juice. Special-shaped bags refer to packaging bags that are different in shape from traditional packaging bags. Common special-shaped bags include long bags, fruit-shaped bags, etc. The special-shaped bagged juice filling and sealing machine has the following characteristics: Strong adaptability: The equipment can adapt to special-shaped bags of various shapes and sizes, and can perform filling and sealing operations of juice in special-shaped bags. Precise filling: The equipment is equipped with a precise filling system, which can accurately control the filling amount of juice and ensure that the amount of juice in each bag is consistent. High sealing quality: The equipment adopts reliable sealing technology, which can ensure the sealing quality of special-shaped bags and prevent juice leakage and oxidation. Adjustable filling speed: The equipment has an adjustable filling speed, which can be adjusted according to production needs to improve production efficiency. Easy to operate: The equipment is usually equipped with an intuitive operating interface and easy-to-adjust parameter settings, making the operation simple and convenient. Efficient and stable: The equipment has efficient and stable working performance, can last for a long time, and improves production efficiency. When choosing a special-shaped bag juice filling and sealing machine, you need to consider factors such as production needs, shape and size requirements of special-shaped bags, equipment performance and reliability, as well as after-sales service and maintenance support to choose equipment that suits your production needs. At the same time, according to the actual situation, you need to pay attention to the price and maintenance cost of the equipment, and comprehensively consider choosing the best special-shaped bagged juice filling and sealing machine.
  • Introduction and application of pure water reverse osmosis equipment
    Introduction and application of pure water reverse osmosis equipment Nov 03, 2023
    RO water treatment equipment is equipment used to treat water quality. It is designed to remove various impurities, pollutants and potentially harmful substances in water to improve water quality and provide clean and safe water sources. Water treatment equipment includes the following equipment: 1. Water filter: Water filters use physical or chemical filtration media such as activated carbon, quartz sand, resin, etc. to remove pollutants such as suspended particles, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, and odors. 2. Pure water equipment: Pure water equipment, such as reverse osmosis equipment (RO machine), electric ion exchanger, etc., removes dissolved solids, minerals, microorganisms, organic matter, etc. in the water through physical or chemical treatment processes to provide high purity of water. 3. Water softener: Water softener is mainly used to remove hard water components in water, such as calcium and magnesium ions. It uses ion exchange resin to exchange hard water ions with sodium ions, thereby softening the water and reducing scale production. 4. Ultraviolet sterilizer: Ultraviolet sterilizer uses ultraviolet radiation to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. The above is just a common type of water treatment equipment. In practical applications, there are various other equipment for specific purposes, such as iron and manganese removal equipment, disinfection equipment, etc., used to solve specific water quality problems. When selecting water treatment equipment, you need to select the appropriate equipment type and specifications based on the characteristics of the water source and the water quality standards that need to be met. Such as pure water treatment equipment, mineral water treatment equipment. At the same time, aspects such as equipment performance, reliability, maintenance and operating costs also need to be considered. It is recommended to consult our company before selecting and purchasing equipment to obtain customized solutions to ensure that water quality problems are effectively solved. ​
  • Application fields of polyethylene plastic roll film
    Application fields of polyethylene plastic roll film Oct 24, 2023
    PE plastic film roll is a roll-shaped plastic film made of polyethylene (PE for short). PE plastic films usually have excellent physical properties, such as high transparency, good flexibility, strong waterproofness, etc., so they are widely used in packaging, protection and other fields. The main features and uses of PE plastic film rolls are as follows:     1. High transparency: PE plastic film rolls have high transparency, which can clearly display the appearance and content of the packaging and improve the display effect of the product. 2. Good flexibility: PE plastic film rolls have good flexibility and ductility and can adapt to objects of various shapes, making it easy to package and protect. 3. Strong waterproofing: PE plastic film rolls have good waterproofing properties, which can effectively isolate the packaging from external moisture and protect the packaging from moisture. 4. Wear resistance: PE plastic film rolls have certain wear resistance, which can effectively prevent the packaging from being scratched or damaged during transportation and storage. 5. Recyclability: PE plastic film rolls can usually be recycled and have certain environmental protection characteristics. PE plastic film rolls are widely used in liquid packaging, such as food and beverages, purified water, yogurt and other liquids that are filled and packaged through liquid filling machines.     It is necessary to select the appropriate specifications and types of PE plastic film rolls according to specific usage needs to ensure the best packaging effect and protection performance. At the same time, when using and handling PE plastic film rolls, you should pay attention to environmental awareness and reasonably recycle and dispose of discarded plastic films.
  • Production process of PE plastic bagged water
    Production process of PE plastic bagged water Oct 12, 2023
    PE roll film bag water packaging machine is a device specially used to fill water or other liquid products into PE roll film bags. It combines the functions of PE roll film and liquid packaging machine, and can realize automated liquid filling, sealing and packaging processes. The main features and usage methods of PE roll film bag water packaging machine are as follows: 1. Liquid filling system: This packaging machine is equipped with a liquid filling system, which usually uses gravity drop or pumping to inject water or other liquid products into PE roll film bags. The liquid filling system can be adjusted according to product characteristics to ensure accuracy and consistency of filling. 2. PE roll film supply system: The machine is equipped with a PE roll film supply device, which is used to provide roll-shaped PE film materials. The system will unwind the PE roll film and transfer it to the next process for subsequent bag making and filling operations. 3. Bag making and sealing system: The packaging machine automatically cuts, shapes and seals the PE film material through a series of operations to form a bag filled with liquid products. Heat sealing technology is usually used to seal the bag mouth to ensure the quality and sealing performance of the seal. 4. Control system: The bagged water packaging machine is equipped with an advanced electrical control system, which can realize automated operations of liquid filling, bag making and sealing. Operators can set parameters such as filling volume and packaging speed through switches, touch screens or computer interfaces, and monitor the operating status of the machine. The bagged water packaging machine is efficient, precise and hygienic and can meet the needs of mass production. It is suitable for PE roll film bagged water or other liquid products of various specifications and capacities, such as water, beverages, juices, etc. Using bagged water packaging machines can improve packaging efficiency, ensure product quality and safety, and reduce waste and contamination risks during the packaging process. In general, the PE roll film bag water packaging machine is an advanced packaging equipment specially designed for automated liquid filling and bag making operations. It can complete the packaging process efficiently and accurately, and is suitable for the packaging needs of water and other liquid products.
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