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Plastic bagged water production line solutions

Plastic bagged water production line solutions

October 08, 2023

Liquid packaging machine is an automated equipment specially used for bagged liquid products (such as water, juice, beverages, etc.). Also suitable for bagged water production lines. The liquid packaging machine can automatically complete the measurement, filling, sealing, packaging and other steps of liquid products. The following is the workflow of the liquid bagged water production line:

1. Liquid preparation and treatment: Before starting the production line, the water needs to be treated and purified to ensure its hygiene and safety. When it comes to water filtration and disinfection, RO water treatment equipment is required.

2. Filling: The liquid bag machine injects pure water into the bag through a precise metering system. The filling process requires precise control of flow and volume to ensure the standard content of water in each bag.

3. Sealing: The filled bags will be sealed by the sealing device. Heat sealing technology is usually used to ensure the sealing and leak-proof performance of bagged water.

4. Inspection and quality control: The flexitank machine conducts quality inspection after filling and sealing is completed to ensure that the product meets the specified quality standards. This may include checking indicators such as package integrity, seal quality and liquid concentration.

5. Packaging: Bagged water can be packaged individually or in batches as needed. Common packaging methods include placing a certain amount of bagged water into a box or plastic bag to form a full box or full bag package.

6. Distribution and sales: The bagged water at the end of the production line is transported to the warehouse or finished product area to prepare for distribution and sales.

Liquid packaging machine bagged water production lines are usually set up based on predetermined output requirements and specific packaging specifications. This automated production line can improve production efficiency, ensure product consistency and quality, and meet market demand for bagged water.

Whether you choose a standalone liquid packaging machine or a complete bagged purified water production line, our team of in-house R&D experts will help you select the equipment you need and work with you on project planning to develop the best solution for your business .


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