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Production of screw cap bag juice solutions

Production of screw cap bag juice solutions

September 14, 2023

Screw cap bags are a common form of packaging and are widely used for packaging liquid products such as juices and beverages. Below is an overview of a typical screw cap bag juice production line:

1. Treat raw water: filter fresh water resources such as well water or river water into pure water through RO water treatment equipment.

2. Raw material preparation: First, prepare the corresponding raw materials, such as sugar, acidity adjuster, etc., according to the required juice formula and ratio.

3. Preparation for heating the hot water in the heating mixing tank: Add the purified water filtered by water treatment into the heating mixing tank and heat it.

4. Stirring of raw materials: Add the raw materials with good proportion into the mixing tank in order and stir for a predetermined time.

5. Seasoning and adjustment: As needed, additives such as pigments and spices can be added to achieve the desired taste and flavor.

7. Sterilization: Juice can be sterilized by sterilization equipment to extend its shelf life. Sterilization can be carried out by heat treatment or other suitable methods.

8. Packaging and filling: The prepared juice is filled into screw cap bags. The automated filling and sealing integrated equipment can be used to accurately fill juice into screw cap bags and ensure a good seal.

9. Refrigeration treatment: The packaged juice is sent to the refrigerator for refrigeration, which can achieve a better taste and extend the shelf life. (Note: If there is no refrigerator, please put the packaged juice into cold water to cool it.)

10. Packaging and boxing: The juice in screw cap bags that have completed the refrigeration process is packed into boxes, marked and prepared for shipping, and sent to the store.


It should be noted that specific screw cap bag formula juice production lines may have different details and equipment. In addition, hygiene and food safety are very important considerations in juice production lines to ensure the production of safe, high-quality juice products.

Whether you choose individual juice machinery or a complete production line, our in-house team of R&D experts will help you select the equipment you need and work with you on project planning to develop the best solution for your business.


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